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It was quite an ordinary day when we decided to leave our “ordinary” urban life in Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) and moved to the small mountain village named Ducina. Then we started production of natural food. Goat cheese, goat whey, goat milk and soap are highly rated products. Goat cheese is our speciality. Once you try it, you will be addicted to our profound goat cheese. Let us take you to paradise.

Let us see how it started. The previous landlord was selling his property along with goats, so goats were lucky not to move from their home. When you decide to live with animals, first of all, you must change your habits. Not to speak about not having a typical day off or holiday. And none of these facts you do not know in advance. You only have some images of how it will look. Just a fade assumption. Previous experience counts up to some point. From there, you must play unsafe, hazardous, like a typical gambler. Risk, uncertainty, new surroundings, neighbours, Winter time, sleeping in the open space, what else…On the other hand, will be there any sensation which used to keep our minds occupied. Obviously not.
We needed, barns, food for goats, house repair, everything. Fortunately, a strong connection between animals and ourselves was born. Later on, many more living creatures have found their home on our land- dogs, cats, sheep and geese.

We keep goats (and other animals) in the open spaces, they work for the pasture every day even during the winter time and during extremely hot summer days. Goats are exceptionally capable, intelligent and resistant animals. They like to jump and run, so you must be in a good body shape if you want to keep them smoothly:). Give them some challenge, take them for a long walk, run with them, be their leader and you will see the results. Animals love unconditionally. Give them attention and they will give you more.



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